Film Club

The “REAL” Film Club with Elwyn Vermette

The Yorkton Public Library and the Yorkton Film Festival are jointly sponsorship the film club. The event to be held at the library includes a screening of the film(s) and a follow- up discussion with Elwyn Vermette.

Tuesday, January 29 7:00

The Real in Documentary

  • Escape from Iran: The Hollywood Option 47 minutes

Escape from Iran commemorates the 25th anniversary of the “Canadian Caper,” taking us back to this startling affair through the direct testimony of the Americans who found sanctuary at the Canadian embassy in Teheran, and the Canadians who risked their own safety to shelter their closest neighbours.  The film won a Golden Sheaf for Best of Saskatchewan.

Wednesday, February 27 7:00

Real People 

  • Norm CBC Newsworld 48 minutes (Drama/documentary)

“I’ll get you back someday Norman.  I’ll get you back.” That cry from the heart of seven-year-old Karen Llewellyn is the promise she made to her older brother, Norman, forty-five years ago.  He was born with Down Syndrome in 1949, an era that assumed children like him would be sent away to institutions, that they wouldn’t live very long.  Though Norman spent much of his childhood with his family, he was ultimately put into foster-care by his parents.  Karen, who had been adopted, spent most of her life thinking she had taken Norman’s place in the family.  The day he left she vowed they’d never be separated again. This film won Best of Festival 2009.

Wednesday, March 27 7:00 

Humour the Real

  • Wild Life NFB – 6 minutes In1909, a remittance man is sent from England to Alberta to attempt ranching.  However, his love of badminton, bird-watching, and liquor leaves him little time for wrangling cattle. It soon becomes clear that nothing in his refined upbringing prepares him for the harsh conditions of the New World. This animated short is about the beauty of the Prairie, the pang of being homesick and the folly of living dangerously out of control. Nominated for an Oscar 2012.
  • Perogyi is a celebration of Ukrainian culture in Canada.
  • Flame/Through Walls- 10 minutes

A classical music hockey film, featuring the University of British Columbia Women’s Hockey Team, skating to the music of composers Jordan Nobles and Jennifer Butler, as performed by the Turning Point Ensemble.

  • Higglety Pigglety Pop! Or There Must Be More To Life (children’s film) NFB – 1.5 minutes Animated short telling the story of a terrier who seeks to become a part of the World Mother Goose Theatre Group
  • Terminus 9 minutes

A silent concrete monster follows a nervous businessman through Montreal in Terminus, an eerie and darkly funny short film directed by Trevor Cawood. The film won Best of Festival in 2008.

  • Le Noeud Cravate (The Necktie) NFB 12 minutes

The Necktie is fifteen years in the life of Valentin, a faithful employee working a useless task in a dead-end job, deceived by a two-dimensional boss. He nonetheless struggles against absurdity with humanity and hope. On his 40th birthday he rediscovers an old accordion hidden in a closet and regains the joy of life.